Welcome to Mahwah Veterinarian Groom & Board!

  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Affiliated with Demarest Veterinarian and Jan's Dog House in Demarest NJ
  • Boarding, Grooming & Daycare Under Veterinarian Supervision
  • 24/7 Staff on Premises
  • Outdoor/Indoor Playground

Business Hours

Lobby Hours:
8am - 6pm
7 Days a Week

Pick Up / Drop Off Hours:
8am - 10am & 4pm - 6pm
7 Days a Week




“Best Vet I've ever been to and I've been to allot. She and her staff actually care about you and your animals, not like all the other vets who are driven my money. Highly recommend, she is amazing.”

Victoria E.

“Dr. Rivero is truly a wonderful, fantastic Vet. that cares about all animals! We took our very sick puppy to her and she was amazing! The puppy is doing great now thanks to her and we couldn't be any happier! She explained everything to us in detail so we would understand and know what to expect. everything she said was right on the money. I wouldn't take our puppy anywhere else. Thank god we found her.”

Alexander O. Martinez

“Dr. Rita Rivero is absolutely a gift from heaven. This doctor came to my aid when no other animal caretaker, well known hospital, or facility would. Being an 18 year old girl with only babysitting money as my income and parents who do not see animals the way I do, I was freaking out with endless tears as I held a small cat with a completely open paw and maggots running within it.

I called the local animal shelter and the man immediately told he the cat was going to be put down and I knew I had to avoid this with all that was in me.

So I called a few animal carers that I know and none offered to take the cat in. I then called Oradell Animal Hospital and they said they would not take the cat in if I could not pay the bill.

Absolutely sobbing at this point I finally called the last vet number my friend had given, Demarest Veterinarian and Dr. Rivero listened to a few of my words and immediately said I could bring the cat in.

The cat is now in her care and will be treated and put up for adoption at no charge.I cannot being to express my appreciation for this doctor. She has the kindest heart and helped when no one else would. I rarely write reviews but I had to today as I came home and started crying at how amazing it was to find one of the few good people in this world.

She is so amazing and has even opened a foundation for this cause under her mother's name, to help with stray animals and such who have no where else to go. It is called Wanuza Pinheiro Cruz Animal Medical Care Foundation. I donated what I could from my pocket, but please, pleaseeeeeee help this amazing woman out. Her dream is to open a hospital for the same cause. She did not ask me to say this I promise, but any donation will help. We need people like this in the world!!!!!!!!! I hope who ever is reading this can spare a small donation to help all these injured animals who have no where to go. I will never forget this experience. Thank you, Dr. Rita Rivero.”

Asma A.

Teaneck, NJ

“She's 5 star in my book. She takes very very very good care of my two brats, Bijoux and Beau, and she gives absolutely personal care. Dr. Rita Rivero is very sweet, very thorough, and I recommend her at every opportunity. I recommend her to you too. ”

Dimitri McKay

"This is hands down the best place to take your dog for boarding. The first time I brought my dog I cried when I dropped her off. I was so scared and nervous but Jan reassured me Peyton would have a great time. Jan went as far as sending me daily pictures and updates. (Peyton is a picky shiba inu who doesn't always get along with every dog.) She was able to make new friends and made herself right at home. Now Peyton gets so excited going to see Jan and I feel great about having someone to take care of Peyton. :) ”

Dani S.

“I'm so happy with Diana's grooming. She took excellent care of Sophie my 7 yr old Maltese and showed a very good interest in her work!!! Thank you. ”

Mrs. Leon

Rochelle Park, NJ